Security for a Unique Residential Park

13.06.2016 — The demand for security service has grown consistently over the past years and the tasks involved are increasingly complex. One example is the Alterlaa residential park in Wien, one of the largest residential parks in Austria.

It was merely the quiet before the storm; just before 1 p.m, the huge doors burst open and school pupils stormed outside. It would have been easy to be taken off guard but the two Dussmann Service security operatives on either side of the door took it in their stride. The security post at the school entrance at midday is one of their regular stops as they carry out security patrols at Alterlaa residential park. The park was built in 1976 and is a “city within a city”. There are three residential towers, each 23 to 27 floors high, where approximately 10,000 people live in around 3,000 apartments. When plans were drawn up, they focused on future residents and their needs. The residential towers combine the concept of a terraced highrise building with that of the “stacked single-family house”. There are generous open spaces, balconies and loggia. The complex includes a shopping center, restaurants, child-care facilities, schools, a medical center and a church. Residents can even spend their leisure time in the residential park; on each roof, there is a swimming bath, seven additional inside pools, saunas, hobby rooms and five parks. Effort has been made to cultivate a community spirit.


Security When so many people live within a comparatively small area, security is a major priority. Dussmann Service was contracted with security services at Alterlaa in December 2013. There are three security guards in each of the two daily shifts providing 24-hour security on the basis of a customized security concept. “It is important that we are visible” explains one of the operatives. “It not only discourages potential offenders but it also increases the confidence of residents who can approach us at any time.” We continue the patrol around the park. Although shop-lifting is a relatively rare crime, the prevention of vandalism is a constant challenge. The security operation can demonstrate its success: “Colleagues caught a sprayer who had caused damages amounting to around 40,000 Euros.” In another case, they succeeded in preventing a young man from threatening his mother and neighbors with a weapon. Not every patrol involves large amounts of money or risk to life and limb but tact and discretion is always necessary. There is an emergency telephone number which residents can use to contact security services around the clock. I ask Harald Koukol about the training and skills necessary to carry out such varied tasks. “A clean police record is a prerequisite. Then people skills, and the ability to grasp difficult situations quickly” he explains. Personnel are given thorough initial training before starting work and then, depending on where they are deployed, instruction on legal aspects, communication techniques, self-defense, conflict management and even driving techniques. Security services have made a difference. Crime statistics have fallen and the local police force praises the excellent cooperation. The tenants’ committee is also very happy with the situation— a happy conclusion, especially in the context of the 40th anniversary of the Alterlaa residential park.

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