A perfect afternoon in Shanghai

22.03.2017 —
Spend four hours walking along the river promenade The Bund, looking over the Huangpu River to the financial quarter, Pudong, visiting the old city, breaking height records on the opposite river, and hurrying back to the airport. The pervasive haze obscures the view during the day so it’s best to start your visit at dusk. In the evening, Shanghai is resplendent.

Memories of Old Shanghai

On the banks of the Huangpu river, where old Shanghai was founded, you can stroll along The Bund and admire the Pudong skyline. The boulevard is lined by 52 monumental buildings from colonial times in various architectural styles from gothic to baroque and neo-classical. If you have time, take a dinner cruise on one of the ships. Time: one hour (not including cruise).

Not much of old Shanghai remains; it is just a small walled area with narrow alleyways in the center of the huge metropolis populated by 25 million. But not to be missed! Highlight: the Yu garden accommodating the city’s oldest tea house. Visitors enter over a zig-zag of bridges which, according to Chinese tradition, makes it inaccessible to spirits. Time: one hour.

No spitting please!

Spitting is prohibited. As is wearing jewelry and carrying loose objects in trouser pockets. Any object which falls from the 340 meter Jin Mao tower, no matter how tiny, becomes a missile. If the fastest lift in the world—nine meters per second— doesn’t give you vertigo, the Skywalk will. Each visitor is checked as if preparing for a moon walk. And then it’s time to take in the view. The very courageous can dangle their legs over the side or stand on one leg at the edge of the precipice. Time: two hours. Opening times are vague. Check beforehand or be spontaneous.

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