Three-Question Interview with Ronald Schumann, Division Head, Technical Services Dussmann Service

08.01.2016 —

What are the services provided by the Dussmann Service technical services division?

Our objective is to ensure that clients can rely on the technical systems on their properties. Availability - from lighting equipment to the computing center – is our main focus. We carry out maintenance services according to DIN 31051 including operation, inspection, servicing and repair. We carry out these functions for each individual system type and provide services according to DIN 276. This applies to heating, refrigeration, ventilation and sanitary systems, electrical and conveyance equipment, measurement, control and regulation technology and extends to structural fire prevention. Often, we take on legal operator responsibility for our clients. We always provide services independent of manufacturers and are process and solution oriented, supported our own CAFM system.

The running costs of a property quickly exceed the costs of construction. How can Dussmann Service help to reduce these?

It is important to us that we provide all infrastructural, commercial and technical facility services in self-delivery. Where appropriate, we can combine all services as an integrated facility management package. Interlinking generates synergies and is more efficient than outsourcing of individual technical services. We can make an active contribution early on in the planning phase when systems are installed and configured which results in optimization of day-to-day operations and long-term reduction of energy and utility consumption. We are proud of Dussmann EnergyCloud; it enables us to influence system performance directly.

How much can I save?

Dussmann EnergyCloud is web-based and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. It provides real-time information concerning utility consumption and facilitates measurement, comparison and benchmarking. Savings potential can range from 8 percent to more than 50 percent. Dussmann EnergyCloud can also provide active support for certification according to ISO 50001. Please ask us; we would be happy to help.

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