Dussmann Facts & Figures

Founded 1963 by Peter Dussmann
Headquarters Berlin, Germany
Services Integrated Facility Management
Technical Management
Food Services
- Staff Catering
- Children’s and School Catering
- Patient Catering
Cleaning Services
Security Services
Charging Solutions for E-Vehicles
Total sales 2021 1,57 mill. Euro
Contribution to Total Group Sales 2021 68,2 percent
Locations Worldwide 70

About Dussmann

Dussmann is the largest division within the Dussmann Group. Headquartered in Berlin, it is a partner with a passion for solutions across the segments of Facility Management, Food Services, and Technical Solutions. Our brand promise is “We care for more,” which expresses how we take care of people and the places where they live and work –to make their lives richer and easier. Customers include global players in the automotive, pharmaceuticals, and semiconductor industries and from the life sciences, healthcare, and commerce sectors, alongside data centers and public institutions.

More information at www.dussmann.com